April 12

Reminder Disaster Drill Prep Meeting – 4/14/15 Magnolia Library 6pm



We would like to invite all MIQA members to this meeting. You will meet the MIQA hub staffers at the Magnolia Library Tuesday, 4/14, from 6 to 8 PM to learn how a Hub is organized and how information is managed.  Library is at 2801 34th West.

The basic roles are: greeter, message intaker, message manager, information manager, radio operator and hub manager.  These are all described in excellent videos on our website.

Volunteers at hubsites all over the City are training this month. We will respond to a scenario that takes place 2 days after an expected offshore shift which produces a major quake with aftershocks.

This would be a great opportunity to participate in this City Wide Disaster Drill that is sponsored by OEM (Seattle Office of Emergency Management) and ACS (Auxiliary Communication Services).

I hope you are available to attend.  Please email at frank@MIQABePrepared.org or call me at 206-499-8690 if you have questions or comments.

Thank you,

Frank Gaul, Chairman



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