Free Survival Preparedness Ebooks

Free Survival and Preparedness Ebooks

Credits to America Preppers Network

Biological Warfare FAQ

Chemical Emergencies

Emergency Response Guidebook


ARC – Are You Ready – Tornado

Fact Sheet Tornadoes

Preparedness Tornadoes

Thunderstorms, Lightning, Tornadoes

Tornado Brochure

Tornadoes 101



ARC – Are You Ready – Flood

Fact Sheet – Flood

Fact Sheet – Landslides

Fact Sheet – Tsunami


Preparedness Volcano


Winter Storms
Extreme Cold Prevention Guide

Fact Sheet – Winter Storms

Preparedness – Winter Storm

Winter Storms

Winter Storms

Winter Survival

Winter Survival Course Handbook

Survival Books

- Compact Survival Kit- FM 21-76 US ARMY SURVIVAL MANUAL
Reprinted as permitted by U.S. Department of the Army

King James Bible
Use this to survive TEOTWAWKI

Survival Myths

Surviving The New World Order
B. A. Brooks

US Army Aviation Survival Part I
Survival Elements Psychological Aspects, And Survival Medicine

US Army Aviation Survival Part II
Protection From The Environment

US Army Aviation Survival Part III

US Army Aviation Survival Part IV
Direction Finding, Signaling, And Recovery

US Army Camouflage

US Army mountaineering techniques (basic)

US Army mountaineering techniques (advanced)

USMC Individuals Guide For Understanding And
Surviving Terrorism

USMC Summer Survival Course

USMC Water Survival Course

USMC Winter Survival Course

Winter Survival Handbook

Winter Survival In Your Car

Wilderness and Outdoor Survival- Dangerous Animals

Desert Awareness

Plant Identification

Poisonous Plants

Signaling And Direction Finding

Homemade Traps And Snares

US Army How To Avoid Getting Lost

US Army How To Find Your Way

- Home Remedies


Isolation Planning

Mass Casualty Planning And Burial

Medical Emergencies

Management Of Asthma


- Pandemic Flu Citizens Guide

Safe Burial Practices

Survival Medicine

US Army Field Hygiene And Sanitation

US Army First Aid

US Joint Services Teatment of Biological Warfare Agent Casualties

Wilderness Med Kit

Fuel And Alternative Energy- Biodiesel Safety And Best Management Practices For Small-Scale And Non-Commercial Use And Production

Concentrated Solar Thermal Power

Foot Power

Heat, Light And Power

Home Heating In An Emergency

- How To Build A Cheap Wind Machine For Pumping Water

Solar Power

Window Box Solar Collector Design

Winter Power Failure

Wood Gas Generator

Food – Procuring, Storage and Preserving- Animals For Food

Canning And Preserving
Sarah Tyson Heston Rorer(1912)

Canning, Preserving and Jelly Making
Hill, Janet McKenzie (1915)

Canning, Preserving and Pickling
Marion Harris Neil (1914)


Dehydrating Food

Emergency Food For Babies

Essential Nutrient Sources

Food And Water In An Emergency

Foodborne Illnesses

Food Safety

Freezer Bag Meals

Gluten Free Survival Guide

Grains And Legumes

Growing And Harvesting Wheat By Hand

- How To Dry Fruits And Vegetables

How To Make A Solar Cabinet Dryer For Agricultural Produce

How To Render Animal Fat

How To Salt Fish

Improvised Grain Mill

Keeping Food Safe During An Emergency

Mylar Bag Sealing Methods

One Year Food Supply For One Adult

Pantry Pests

Peddle Operated Grain Mill

- Preserving Vegetables By Salting, Drying, And Storing
United States. Food Administration. Division of Home Conservation (1918)

- Sodium

- Solar Food Drying

Stocking Food

Stocking For Small Spaces And Budgets

- Storage And Rodents

Storage In The Home

Storage Of Wheat

US Army Basic Food Inspection Procedures

US Army Dairy

US Army Food Deterioration

US Army Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

US Army Poultry I

US Army Poultry II

US Army Preservation Of Foods

US Army Red Meats

US Army Shell Eggs

US Army Storage And Sanitation

US Army Water Foods

Animals and Livestock

Handbook On Cutting Lamb- Pratt’s Practical Pointers On The Care Of Livestock And Poultry

Raising Rabbits

- Tanning Deer Hides And Small Fur Skin

- The Furrier’s Friend
& adviser on dressing and tanning of fur skins and hides Ott, Gottfried F (1922)

Construction Manuals And Building Plans- Building Plans For Poultrymen

and practical methods of poultry raising 1920- Farm Buildings

A compilation of plans for general farm barns, cattle barns, horse barns, sheep folds, swine pens, poultry houses, silos, feeding racks, etc .. Sanders Publishing Co. (1905)

- Geyelin’s Poultry Breeding,
in a commercial point of view, as carried out by the National poultry company (limited), Bromley, Kent. Natural and artificial hatching, rearing and fattening, on entirely new and scientific principles, with all the necessary plans, elevations, sections, and details, and a notice of the poultry establishments in France – Geyelin, George Kennedy (1867)

- Plans For A Complete Beekeeping System

- Poultry Appliances & Handicraft
how to make & use labor-saving devices, with descriptive plans for food & water supply, building & miscellaneous needs; also treats on artificial incubation & brooding; Fiske, George B. (1902)

Practical Farm Buildings;
plans and suggestions Hunter, A. F. (1905)

- US Army Frame Structures

Tornado Winter Survival

Nuclear Survival- 11 Steps – Nuclear Survival
This pamphlet describes what YOU can do before and following a nuclear attack. You can greatly increase your family’s and your own protection by taking the Eleven Steps to Survival

120 Cities

Above Ground Fallout Shelter

Blast Fire Resistance

Civil Defense Shelters

Nuclear War Survival Skills
The purpose of this book is to provide Americans and other unprepared people with information and self-help instructions that will significantly increase their chances of surviving a nuclear attack.

Nuclear Weapons Effects Handbook
A collection of graphs, nomograms, and tabulated data most frequently used by the Radiological Scientific Officer


Potassium Pill

Potassium Iodide

Radiological Defense Officers Course Manual

US Army NBC Decontamination

US Army NBC Protection

US Army Nuclear Contamination Avoidance

US Army Radiation Protection Manual

US Joint Services Treatment Of Nuclear And Radiological Casualties

World Wide Nuclear Effects

Wyoming Civil Nuclear Protection Program

Your Basement Fallout Shelter
Guide To Basement Fallout Shelter

You Will Survive Doomsday
Bruce Beach
Explains the myths of Nuclear Fallout and Doomsday, plus gives tips and plans for surviving a nuclear attack


- Primitive Survival Shelters - Shelter- Shelters, Shacks, And ShantiesSnow Shelters
Communications- Shortwave Radio 101Shortwave Radio HandbookThe Radio Amateur’s Handbook
Medical, Health, Hygiene
And First Aid
- Base Camp Hygiene and HealthBird Flu Diagnosis And Personal HygieneCholeraCommunity MitigationEmergency ChildbirthFace MasksFirst Aid Management Of Minor Injuries


ARC – Food and Water in Emergency- Build A Hand Pump

Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water

Getting Started

How To Build A Cheap Wind Machine For Pumping Water

How To Make A Solar Still (Plastic Cover)

- Priming the Berkey Water Filter

Purification Of Water On A Small Scale

Rainwater Harvesting

Simple Solar Still For The Production Of Distilled Water

Slow Sand Filters

- Solar Photovoltaics For Irrigation Water Pumping

Water Purification

Water Treatment

Fire, Heat, and Cooking- Alternate Cooking Methods

Bow Drill

Bucket Stove

Bush Fungus Stove

Bread Box Water Heater Plans

By Can

Coal Extenders

Cook Stove By The Tera CETA Method

- Double Drum Sawdust Stove

Dutch Ovens

Expedient Cooking

Fighting Fire

Fireless Cooker

Fire Safety

Flint, Steal and Battery

Making Charcoal

- Plumbers Stove

Rocket Stove

Sawdust Burning Space Heater Stove

Solar Cooking2

Thermos Bottle Cooking

Tinder Fungus

Recipe Books

- California Mexican-Spanish Cook Book- Cloud City Cook Book

Delicious Peach Recipes
California Peach Growers Inc.1920.- Genesee Valley Cookbook

Kenton Cookbook

- Modern Women Of America Cookbook

Most For Your Money Cookbook

Riverside Recipe Book
This Recipe Book has been compiled and edited in
the interest of Christian Work in connection ivith the
Rutgers Riverside Presbyterian Church. 1890

Second Parish Cookbook

- The Belgian Cookbook

The Kirmess Cookbook

The Pleasantville Cookbook

Vegetarian Cookbook

Westminster Cookbook
“One hundred and eighty-three recipes.” 1876.

Gardening Books- Bora Cultivation And Post Harvest

Building A Floating Hydroponic Garden

Backyard Greenhouse

Cultivating Vegetables

Garden Farming
Vegetable gardening Corbett, L.C. (1913)

How To Make Fertilizer

- Garden Planning Worksheet
Brian Wachutka

Organic Gardening

Planning Your Garden
Rogers, William Snow,(1923)

Pumpkin Cultivation And Post Harvest

How To Build A Solar Crop Dryer

How To Dry Fruits And Vegetables

- How To Make A Solar Cabinet Dryer For Agricultural Produce

Small Plastic Greenhouses

Test The Soil First

The Amateur Garden

Watermelon Cultivation And Post Harvest

Skills- Blacksmithing

Knife Sharpening

Knots For Mountaineering, Camping, Climbing, Rescue, Etc…

- Knot Tying

Making Candles

Making Soap