All persons who reside in Magnolia, Interbay and Queen Anne are part of the neighborhood-wide disaster response plans for the city of Seattle. The MIQA mission is:

  • To develop, communicate, and execute district- and neighborhood-wide disaster response plans for the MIQA district and neighborhoods
  • To support the City of Seattle in addressing preparedness at the individual, household, and block levels
  • To defray the expenses and to fund, from time to time, related projects, any members are asked to make a donation in an amount of their choosing. Contributions are not tax deductible. There is no obligations to donate. We all volunteer our time to our communities.

    The success of our district's disaster response depends not only on MIQA members but also on you, your family, your neighbors, your local business owners--everyone in the district must take steps to prepare and to help with recovery efforts that affect the quality of life and to take the appropriate action to further protect the interest of the community.
    Please make your check payable to the MIQA Emergency Preparedness Committee and mail to:
    MIQA Emergency Preparedness Committee
    Attn: Frank Gaul / MIQA Chairman

    P.O. Box 99094 Seattle, WA 98139
    As a convenient option, you may contribute by PayPal by clicking the donate button below.
    "Thank you from your Magnolia Interbay Queen Anne Emergency Preparedness Committee".