May 23

Community Emergency Hubs to Activate for Disaster Drill


Attention All Magnolia and Queen Anne Neighbors Interested in Disaster Preparedness! Announcing an opportunity for public participation in an extension of the Cascade Rising multi-state intergovernmental regional disaster exercise which runs from June 7th through June 10th.

MIQA (Magnolia/Interbay/Queen Anne) Be Prepared, a community volunteer organization, announces that it will establish emergency hubs at two sites on Saturday, June 11th, 2016 from 9am until 11am. The hub locations are at Queen Anne Playfield near the Queen Anne Community Center, and at Magnolia Playfield near the Magnolia Community Center Parking Lot.

Hubs are predesignated public meeting places for neighbors to gather and share information about resources and needs in the event of a major disaster, and are 100% established and run by the surrounding residents. The City of Seattle has recently officially added hubs as an important component of its disaster plan, and relies on neighbors to staff and organize Community Emergency Hubs throughout the City.

MIQA Hubs will provide training and exercise of hub functions at this drill, and seeks involvement of any and all interested neighbors. If you wish to get involved in preparing yourself and your neighbors for a disaster, MIQA Hubs offers the training and resources you seek! Hub volunteers receive about one hour of hands-on training followed by an opportunity for practice at a working hub. Future opportunities will be available as well, as trained volunteers are always needed!

More information about MIQA Be Prepared and disaster preparedness can be found at or email MIQA Be Prepared at


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