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Alert: Potential historic windstorm on Saturday

Alert: Potential historic windstorm on Saturday

Hi folks! This is from our Hub neighbor with some great information to pass on.

Seattle Net! From Davis Baum

You probably know it’s going to rain, but you may not be aware that Saturday’s windstorm may be a “historic” event, posing a significant hazard.

The National Weather Service says: “There is a 1 in 3 chance [Saturday’s storm] would be a worst case scenario leading to a historical windstorm for nearly all of western Washington that would be long remembered.” (Read the Special Weather Statement from 8:30 AM today, Thursday.)

The Seattle Times has a good general roundup and forecast, posted yesterday at 8:00 PM.

For tonight, Thursday, there’s a high wind warning, but it’s not the “true monster storm” (as meteorologist Cliff Mass calls it) that we might see on Saturday.

Prepare for an extended power outage

After the Columbus Day storm of 1962, power was out for 17 days in some areas. Today, a week-long regional power outage would be a significant, life-threatening hazard. Phones and computers would use up their batteries. Communications would be affected. Cash machines would not work. Stores would close.

Collect medications, special needs, pet foods, and other personal necessities now. Get cash, including small bills. Check your flashlights and batteries.


If you don’t have a portable, battery-operated radio, get one today. Get batteries.

If you follow Twitter, use the hashtag #wawx to follow Washington weather. (You can read the feed even without a Twitter account.)

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Stay safe!

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