About Us

What is MIQA Be Prepared?

​Magnolia-Interbay-Queen Anne ​Be Prepared (MIQA) formed in 2006 out of the Magnolia-Queen Anne District Council at the request of the City.

What is the mission of MIQA Be Prepared?

The ​MIQA mission is to create a comprehensive plan for disaster preparedness and response at the district level and to communicate that plan to our Magnolia-Interbay-Queen Anne Districts.

  • To develop, communicate, and execute district- and neighborhood-wide disaster response plans for the MIQA district and neighborhoods
  • To support the City of Seattle in addressing preparedness at the individual, household, and block levels

Who comprises MIQA Be Prepared EPC?

While we do work closely with the City of Seattle Office of Emergency Management (OEM), our organization itself is composed entirely of volunteers: MIQA residents and business owners--your neighbors, family, and friends. Current MIQA Be Prepared members include:

Frank Gaul, Chairman

Joe Villarino, Webmaster

We're always looking to expand our team! Feel free to stop by our monthly meetings, or you can send us an email (info@MIQABePrepared.org) or fill out our Volunteer Form.

The success of ​MIQA's disaster response depends not only on ​MIQA Be Prepared members but also on you, your family, your neighbors, your local business owners--everyone in the district must take steps to prepare and to help with recovery.

Thank you for your support of this community-based effort.