“Some Critical Things You’ll Need Before The Coming Disaster”

It’s No Longer A Question of If a

Crisis will Hit our Neighborhood… It’s a Matter of When


Seattle Emergency NeighborLink Map Below!

These are locations of Communication Hubs, Block Watch Captains, SNAP Groups and CERT Members in your neighborhood.

Do you know where to go for information in case of disaster, if all regular means of communication are unavailable?

If you happen to be in Magnolia, Interbay or Queen Anne, the place to go is to the nearest Community Emergency Communication Hub!

This website…

   Provides guidance on how to prepare your household and connect with neighbors, and

   provide you our MIQA Disaster (Response) Plan that you need to know about.

(MIQA) assist in coordination available local resources and to relay information between HUB sites and the City.

Hub teams works with other Hubs to promote public education on emergency preparedness in our local neighborhoods.

A Community Communication Hub is:

 A community helping one another in there neighborhood.

 Providing support, training and resources to the MIQA Community.

 Build community and prepare for the unexpected.

 A place to communicate the needs of your neighborhood.

Here is a PDF file that explains a communication hub. Click here.

MIQA hubs are at the West Magnolia Playfield at the Magnolia Community Center and in Queen Anne at the West Queen Anne Playfield.

MIQA hub operators have participated in several emergency drills with the City of Seattle Office of Emergency Management (OEM), and Auxiliary Communication Services (ACS), all hub staffers are neighborhood volunteers who will come to the hub once they have secured their homes and assisted their immediate neighbors.

Hub teams recruit and train volunteers in our local neighborhoods.

MIQA Be Prepared is the website for the Magnolia-Interbay-QueenAnne Emergency Preparedness Committee (MIQA). Here, residents, SNAP. CERT, Block Watch, Ham Radio Operators, Schools, Educators, members of our faith and business communities will learn how to:

Prepare to make it through a crisis,

Volunteer to support MIQA community emergency communication hubs, and

Stay informed during our response to a disaster.

Sign up and receive emergency updates in your neighborhood. When you point to exit this website a pop-up will come up for you to subscribe to our latest updates!”

Magnolia Central West Hub Site

Seattle Emergency NeighborLink Map!

This blog is aimed at helping you and your family 

on how to prepare your household and connect with neighbors, and

   provide you our MIQA Disaster (Response) Plan that you need to know about.

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