Partner Organizations

Partner Organizations are groups that support and/or promote awareness of this Disaster Response Plan before a disaster occurs. The Magnolia/Queen Anne District Council and MIQA EPC wish to express sincere appreciation to our partners for their contribution.

  • Boy Scout Troop 72
  • Magnolia Community Council
  • magnolia community center advisory council
  • king county office of emergency management
  • (SNAP) Seattle Neighborhoods actively prepare
  • (ACS) Auxiliary Communication Service

Brian Beaumont, Charter Organization Representative
Bethany Presbyterian Church
3 Howe Street, Seattle, Washington 98109
(206) 283-7909(206) 283-7909

"The Emergency Preparedness BSA program is planned to inspire the desire and foster the skills to meet this challenge in our youth and adult members so that they can participate effectively in this crucial service to their families, communities, and nation. Seattle Troop72 is proud to be a partner in this effort on Queen Anne HIll."

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